Standardization and Cost Reduction




b&m offers the customer the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of purchasing the commodity fasteners through the process of standardization.

Manufacturing companies, especially those with multiple manufacturing sites, often use the same or similar applications for different fixing systems. The R&D department of b&m in these cases is at disposal of customer’s technical and purchasing branches, in order to cooperate for the aim of standardization, thus reducing the number of fasteners used in production.

These are activities with high added value, especially in view of the fact that today the life cycle of a series has been considerably shortened, exposing the client to the high risk of having inventories of fasteners which are no longer usable for subsequent productions.

To minimize these risks and related costs, b&m proposes to be the ideal partner for its customers, taking care of the entire commodity fasteners, providing a more streamlined, timely and less costly management, both in purchase (through standardization and reduction of numerical articles as well as a faster programming of purchases) and administration (document management, delivery notes, invoices, etc.. of different suppliers).