Projecting and realizing a new fixing system means to start from an idea on paper and reach the serial production of an item. b&m offers its customers its own skills to develop, project, realize and modify, and above all its know-how to reach a common aim: the satisfaction of the customer´s expectations.


The different steps starting from the idea on paper to the serial production, require a concrete and absolutely reliable collaboration between the parties. b&m is always on the front line to guarantee this issue. Solutions and Development staff of engineers in metallurgy and technology offers to the customer the opportunity to design and develop products based on his specific requirements.


The use of 2D/3D CAD and rapid prototyping systems allows the customer to test the process in the shortest possible time.


Innovative solutions and alternative technologies


b&m R&D dept. helps the customer to think about alternative solutions to reduce the industrial cost of the product.
This very important activity brings benefits in terms of cost production saving, ensuring meanwhile high quality standards.