100% Sorting

Customer’s satisfaction goes through the high quality standard of the product.

Achieving 'zero defect' is a binding condition which is the final aim of the continuous improving of all the phases of the production process. In detail, 100% sorting represents the last phase of the production, before delivery. The experience and the know-how achieved with tight collaborations with the automotive sector, brought us to invest in 100% control and sorting with optical devices. Thus, our department has developed and today b&m can count on 6 sorting machine with self-threading cameras with variable focal-length and proper optical-detection software. In addition is possible to use proper automatic devices in order to measure the slot depth on a screw, or other profiles.

It is possible to separate foreign parts which, for example, are found in the batch after the coating has been done, or to measure items having different length or diameters, or verify the straightness or find other defects.

Such controls are necessary for all items which will have to be assembled in automatic lines or following critical settings which demand the totally exclusion of faulty parts.